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Propecia when do you see results, Propecia side effects on women

If you look around, the big health obsession now is coconut water. Everyone’s carrying a carton of the detoxifying and hydrating coconut juice. A while back, I wrote a piece on the health benefits of coconut milk as well (my drink of choice these days): It’s got a high fiber content, high amount of vitamin C and lauric acid, it’s super packed with minerals (wrinkle fighting minerals, might I add), and, most importantly to me, it’s high in B12. (50% of your recommended dietary allowance!)

The next logical variation of coconut is, of course, coconut oil. Apparently Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr swears this stuff is her secret weapon for great skin and hair. (She claims to take several spoonfuls of coconut oil daily.) You can take it orally or apply it straight to your skin and hair for extra moisture, and you can even use it for cooking! Coconut oil is noted for several health benefits, including anti-bacterial properties (super strong… This stuff can kill anything. So if you suffer from acne, it may be worth it to try coconut oil lightly on your face), weight loss, and moisturizing and healing for skin (it can treat anything from dry skin to eczema). Coconut oil is also world-renowned for its hair benefits: Whether you’ve got damaged ends or a dry scalp, coconut oil is the best thing you could use to treat it. Try saturating your hair with coconut oil about an hour before you shampoo and let it sit. Alternately, if your hair is in really bad shape, you can apply lightly onto your ends daily for extra repair.

You can pick up coconut oil at any health food store or Whole Foods!

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Dual regimen a hair-raising success in bald men.(Dermatologic Therapy): An article from: Skin & Allergy News
Book (International Medical News Group)

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Hair starting to thin - hate it...help???!

First off, context...Grandfather is bald on mothers side...not sure if that is still the current knowledge around genetic predisposition?
I am a 32 year old male. Over the past two years have noticed slight thinning. If I brush my hand through my hair get about 10 hairs for example. Visually, still mild appearance change.
Really interested in TRUE TECHNICHES to start using now that could help.
I know about the drugs, propecia etc.
ROGAIN: according to the label it is not effective for hair loss starting on the forhead and extending back. This is where the loss is

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