Propecia Itchy Nipple

How to Manage the Side Effects of Prohormones

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It’s a basic fact. Any substance can be abused. Taking a prohormone is no different. Does that mean they are harmful and shouldn’t be taken? No more than aspirin which are toxic if you take too many. When weightlifting or bodybuilding, it’s important to be well educated about any and all substances you take into your body. That being said, it’s important to realize that we’re giving you the best information we can. It’s not medical advice however. You should always consult with a physician for all medical questions.

Prohormones have been linked to prostate issues. Common symptoms can include problems with urination or pain in the general area of the genitals which is less common. This can be caused by several factors such as a rise in estrogen or DHT levels from increased testosterone. If you have ongoing prostate issues, it’s best to stop using the prohormone; however, the use of Noriol might prove useful. There are also herbal treatments such as Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta Sisterol or Plant Phytosterols or even flax seed oil. Some prescription treatments such as Proscar/Propecia which blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT have been known to help.

Another side effect that’s been linked to the use of prohormones is acne. This can be common and range from mild to moderate. The acne usually goes away as the post cycle treatment ends. The most effective way to treat acne is with specific soaps such as Neutrogena. Scrub your face at least twice a day to reduce the oils.

Hair loss is another side effect that is associated with taking a prohormone and increased levels of DHT. There are a variety of treatments for this but one of the most common is Spironolactone which is available from Nizoralman. The two percent usually works as a preventative measure while the five percent will actually help grow hair back. Other treatments such as azelaic acid or Nizoral shampoo can help. You should probably avoid taking prohormones if you are already taking a medication to prevent hair loss. Always consult your physician about mixing medications.

Some bodybuilding athletes worry about breast development or gynocomastia which can occasionally happen when taking substances that convert estrogen to prohormones. Common symptoms include puffy, itchy or swollen nipples. It this occurs while on a cycle, some experts recommend taking Nolvadex immediately while others suggest Formasin, Aromazap or Formastat.


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