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My first Day with Propecia or Finasteride

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My first Day with Propecia or Finasteride

Hi..I am a 28 years old Chinese Malaysian male who unfortunately suffer hair loss due to Male pattern hair loss or Male pattern baldness (MPB).Well, I have observed my hair loss a long time ago until 5 years ago, I saw that my frontal hair is thinning, and side of forehead hair is lesser. Seem like a M shape !!!!

Afraid, definitely that time. I have known propecia for a long time..about 5 years ago. But I have no courage to take it because of the side effect. It deal with hormone...So it is a big deal. And this medicine and lower your libido or easier for you to understand......lower your sex drive. Just like let you choose....look or sex.....

That's the reason I skip this propecia treatment for my hair loss. If you are in Malaysia, you should know Yun Nam Hair Care. Yupe...I choose Yun Nam...Guess what happen...after 3 years of treatment and I spend RM 12k (USD 3.6k) and see a worse than before treatment result. Get cheated once....then my friend ask me to used Diamond Spa which may improve my spend RM 3k+ and then join their business to sell Diamond water..I lost RM 15k more....Stupid enough right???

Finally and last choice...I opt for Propecia 0.5mg to start my treatment. Normal dosage is 1mg, but due to my research in Internet, many people said lesser dosage actually not much different.And propecia is not cheap in Malaysia. I get it 28 days supply at RM 160.

First day feeling is just normal...a bit fatigue but may is due to hectic work....I will enclosed more of my self experiment as my last effort to save my grass on my head.....wish me luck...and any botak or bald man out each other......see ya


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Minoxydil 5% not dangerous

The only reason 5% is only recommended for men is because they did not do studies re the 5% for women. It can cause some hair growth on the face but not all women have this result. I used to get a fuzz which was not visible because I'm pretty fair.
What can cause problems for pregnant or nursing mothers is Propecia (finasteride) which was originally intended for men's prostrate problems. It can cause fetal defects in male babies if the women get pregnant. But, dermatologists in some cases are prescribing finasteride for women today.
Hair loss info:
This is regarding Propecia--
BOLOGNA, Italy, March 20 - An oral drug for male-pattern hair loss, used with an oral contraceptive, may help younger women with a female -pattern hair loss, researchers reported

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These creams include Minoxidil, Propecia and Rogaine. "Because it's an hormonal thing, we have no end of research being done in order to speed the process up for finding treatment for hair loss," Dr Oates explained.

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