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While there is quite a lot of evidence that the PSA is a very outdated and inaccurate test for this men's health concern, it contiues to be the most commonly used lab test for prostate cancer screening.On 5 February, Johns Hopkins reports that the hair loss drug Propecia may inaccurately reflect PSA status.

Propecia and Your PSA February 5, 2009
By Johns Hopkins Health Alerts; you're a man who takes the hair-growth drug Propecia, you should let your doctor know before you have your next PSA test, as it could affect the accuracy of the results.

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test measures an enzyme produced almost exclusively by the glandular cells of the prostate. It is secreted during ejaculation into the prostatic ducts that empty into the urethra. PSA liquefies semen after ejaculation, promoting the release of sperm.

Normally, only very small amounts of PSA are present in the blood. But an abnormality of the prostate can disrupt the normal architecture of the gland and create an opening for PSA to pass into the bloodstream. Thus, high blood levels of PSA can indicate prostate problems, including cancer.

A blood test to measure levels of PSA was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1986 as a way to determine whether prostate cancer had been treated successfully and to monitor for its recurrence. Today, however, PSA tests are FDA approved for prostate cancer detection and are widely used to screen men for the disease.

Now research suggests that the hair-growth medication Propecia (finasteride) significantly lowers a man's PSA level, producing misleading results and potentially masking the presence of prostate cancer.


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I had the same problem

Went to a doc..He suggested Rogaine or Propecia. I do not have male pattern baldness in my family, but I used rogaine anyways...I lost a lot more hair.
My scalp was very dry so for a month I oiled it, and washed it with bottled water. Now my hair loss has slowed down considerably and most of the hair has grown back.
My theory, though some disagree, is that the water in some places has an excess of lime( that deposit in the tub I believe) and that dries my scalp. Thus the hair shedding.
Have u moved to a new place? My hair started falling as soon as I moved into a new house. Since I have moved again the problem has more or less stopped

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