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Propecia vs DHT blockers --non prescription

I have no medical insurance right now and can't afford to see a doctor and get a prescription for propecia, I'm noticing my hair is thinning, but in the beginning stages so I want to get started right away. Whats the best non-prescription dht blocker? I thought of going to wholefoods...and is propecia definatly recommended above the non-presc. in the long run? Why is propecia prescription but not those? Thanks.

Propecia and hair loss (a number of questions)

I have been taking Propecia for a few years, and switched to Kaiser recently. My new doctor refilled my prescription for half a year, only to tell me that she might not renew the prescription because Propecia has potential effects on the liver.
So, a few questions:
Does anyone know how Propecia actually does effect the liver? I've heard someone say that it actually makes for a healthier liver.
Can my doctor just stop prescribing me something I've been taking for over 2 years without even running any tests?
Does anyone know of any hair maintainance/hair grow

Help! I'm going bald  — Jamaica Observer
These creams include Minoxidil, Propecia and Rogaine. "Because it's an hormonal thing, we have no end of research being done in order to speed the process up for finding treatment for hair loss," Dr Oates explained.

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