The Egyptian Revolution: An Entrepreneurial Perspective

The Egyptian Revolution is known for many things; the large number of protesters; largely being youth led; inclusive to all social, religious and age groups; and its people’s persistence (because they stayed until their demands were met… be that through day, night or rain).

It was also practical, creative, innovative and most of all, entrepreneurial.

A timeline of the Egyptian Revolution, courtesy of Ashoka Fellow Maha Helali:

Tuesday, 1/25: Protests Begin, ‘Day Of Rage’

Wednesday, 1/26: Second Day Of Protests

Thursday, 1/27: Egypt Shuts Down The Internet

Friday, 1/28: Mubarak Speaks, Says He’ll Form A New Government

Saturday, 1/29: Anonymous Internet Users Help Egypt Communicate

Sunday, 1/30: Hillary Clinton: Egypt Must Have Transition To Democracy

Monday, 1/31: Egypt’s New Government Is Announced, Sworn In

Tuesday, 2/1: President Mubarak Says He Won’t Run For Re-Election

Wednesday, 2/2: Internet Service Returns In Egypt

Thursday, 2/3: Foreign Journalists Rounded Up

Friday, 2/4: “Day of Departure” Protests Held Across Egypt

Saturday, 2/5: Members Of Ruling Party Leadership Resign

Sunday, 2/6: Government Agrees On Concessions

Monday, 2/7: Google Executive Released In Egypt

Tuesday, 2/8: Freed Activist Energizes Protests

Wednesday, 2/9: Widespread Labor Strikes Throughout Egypt

Thursday, 2/10: Despite Rumors, Mubarak Refuses To Step Down

Friday, 2/11: Mubarak Resigns As President, Leaves Cairo

Ashoka Arab World has met recently with some of its Egyptian Fellows, drawing on their experiences during the protests and understanding their visions for Egypt’s future…


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