Flu Season is Coming Up — Will Antibiotics Effect Propecia?

Doctor, I hope you find the time to answer this question. Today is my first day on propecia. I shave my head so my balding won’t be so noticable–for which I hope to stop after a few months(case being if propecia works). Does shaving the head limit the effectivness and growth of new hairs on propecia? Next, you know it’s flu season. Right now i’m taking anti-biotics: Amoxicillin 500mg and PSE-GFN 120mg; does this affect propecia and the effectivness of it?


Shaving your scalp will not impact the value of Propecia, but you will not see its effectiveness on the miniaturization issues to know if and to what degree it is working.

Antibiotics can be used with Propecia and there should be no reaction. The flu is a virus and antibiotics will not kill the virus, contrary to common belief.

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