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NoSQL Salary Trends In one of the previous posts,NoSQL Job Trends,we saw how the demand for various NoSQL database skills is increasing as more companies have started using NoSQL databases for variety of use cases. In this post we will see the salary trends for the jobs that require NoSQL skills and experience.

The above graph shows us salary trends for the jobs with various NoSQL databases. As you can see from this graph that the salaries are fluctuating over the time period that this graph is using.

Here is another view that shows current average salaries for each of the NoSQL databases we are comparing.NoSQL Average Salary

The picture above shows that neo4j has the highest average salary,but that is based on less number of jobs compared to others. So the average salary number for neo4j is bit skewed.

What kind of salaries have you been getting or seen for the NoSQL jobs that you are involved with? You can share the information in the comments section below.

Note: All of the above data is based on jobs in US.

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