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For men hair loss can often be devastating as it doesnt just affect your appearance but in social situations you can become self-conscious. Men of all ages experience hair loss, especially male-pattern baldness. One of the best treatments for this is Propecia. A common question men have about this medication is when they should start treatment. To answer this question, there are several issues you need to consider.

Age Factors

This drug is not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 even though teenagers can also suffer from male-pattern baldness. There is some debate about whether doctors can prescribe this medication for teens younger than 18 if they have stopped growing. This often requires consultation with an endocrinologist and pediatrician. It is only on rare occasions that this drug will be determined to be an appropriate treatment for teenagers.

Hair Factors

Thinning hair is often one of the first symptoms of hair loss. You may not even realize your hair is thinning because everyone experiences daily loss of hair. You naturally shed old hair to make room for new healthier hair. What you should look for is whether or not the amount of hair you lose has increased. You also want to determine if new hair is growing in. If it is not, then your hair loss will become permanent without treatment.

Psychological Factors

Some men take it for granted they will lose their hair because male-pattern baldness is a genetic condition. Many young men are bald by the time they leave college. The degree hair loss affects the psychological well-being of men differs with each individual. You may be in a relationship and constantly receive hints from your significant other about your hair. Or maybe you are finding it difficult to meet someone and believe it is because of the way you look. When your hair loss begins to affect your life, you are ready to start using Propecia.

Several factors are considered when deciding when to begin using Propecia to treat hair loss. The sooner you begin treatment, the less noticeable your hair loss and recovery will be to others. Depending on your particular hair loss, it can take as long as twelve months for noticeable results. And it is possible that not only does hair loss stop, but new hair will grow in while you are taking Propecia.

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These creams include Minoxidil, Propecia and Rogaine. "Because it's an hormonal thing, we have no end of research being done in order to speed the process up for finding treatment for hair loss," Dr Oates explained.

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