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Hi, im 33 and my hair is thining, a friend recommended propecia, but i have some questions:
1.) How much is it a month (is it covered by insurance?)
2.) Any side affects (i heard lowered sex drive?)
3.) Any personal experiences, does it help hair grow back, or just prevent further loss?
Thanks for your feedback!

I cant say that it has regrown lost hair

But I started using it at 22 when I noticed thinning in the back receding hairline. I was certain I'd be bald by the age of 30.
I'll turn 35 this year, been using Rogaine daily all along, and I still have most of my hair. Thinned out more than I was back then but not by much. Thats good enough for me!
I added Propecia this year so we'll see how that helps if at all (the combo is supposed to be the best there is).
I just read on yahoo news yesterday that a new discovery in stem cell research is inching closer to a cure for baldness.

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