Any Precautions for Those 60+ Year Olds Starting Propecia or Rogaine?

Is there any special consideration or precaution needed to start medication (Rogaine or Propecia etc.), if the patient is above 60 years old?

All men over 50 years old should obtain a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test prior to starting Propecia, since it may lower the blood level in those who may be harboring an early cancer (delaying the diagnosis). Other than this one observation, the risks of side effects are the same for older men as younger men. There is no similar problem with minoxidil, but as minoxidil has antihypertensive effects, it has been known to produce lightheadedness from small drops in a person’s blood pressure.

Propecia is the brand name for finasteride in 1mg strength. Finasteride in 5mg strength has been reported to lower the risk of certain prostate cancer.

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Rogaine and Propecia

Rogaine is a liquid that you spray on your head twice daily. You can buy it at any drugstore or Costco. I have a friend who has used it for about 8 years, and it's amazing how much hair he's managed to save. Every other guy in his family is a complete cueball-type bald, but his just looks like he's thinning a bit.
Another friend of mine has used Propecia for several years, and he's had excellent results. His hair loss actually reversed, and you can't tell he ever lost any. Propecia is a prescription drug that requires a prescription from a doctor -- usually dermatologist.

No, I'm not going to Costco

I went yesterday after work just to pick up my prescription for fluoxetine (just in case) and Propecia (keeps my hair luxorious) and it was SO crowded it was scary.
Also, as I was driving down 10th Street, this bitch in a BMW just zooms out of parallel parking into the lane in front of me, like she was daring me to hit her.

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