For how long does Finasteride(propecia) stay inte system of the body post treatment

The question regarding how long Finasteride stays in the system of the body is asked frequently, often without an direct answer. In this post I will try to answer this question as good as possible.

I asked Dr. Mats Ingers, a famous doctor working in the field of rair restoration at New Hair clinic in Sweden.

“I was wondering if you know how long after quitting consuming Finasteride it still has some effect on the body? How long does it take before 5AR Type II is restored to full functionality again? Is there any studies available that shows the DHT levels in the body post Finasteride? “

The answer I got from Dr. Mats Ingers:

“The half-time of Finasteride is about 10 hours. This practically means that you can’t see any evidence of the drug in the body after about 2 weeks. This is the time they say the side-effects will disappear. This means that you won’t have any inhibititation of the enzyme as well. Since the hair mostly will start falling off again in a month or so post stopping treatment, this means that the enzyme have started working again and the DHT have been restored.

Finasteride is in first hand an aid in fighting male pattern baldness, it doesnt cure it. If your seeking a cured hairline etc, you will probably have to restore it through surgery. As well have I noticed throughout my years of experience that I have increased the recommendations to pause the treatment for 2 weeks each 1-2 years in the treatment to give yourself the ability to notice any sides that have been sneaking up on you.”

Okey, so this gives us some information regarding Finasteride(Propecia/Proscar) and how it works. Wikipedia states that half-time of Finasteride is 6-8 hours as well, but this doesn’t mean that the body will start functioning as normal right after the substance is out of the system. It might take a while before the body 5Ar Type II will be fully restored and the production if DHT have hit it’s normal state again.

I went ahead to look for some more information and stumbled upon this article: “Evaluation of Enzyme Inhibitors in Drug Discovery“, posted in A Guide for Medical Chemists and Pharmacologists, written by Robert A Copeland.

Watching this diagram from the article we can see some things:
* The inhibitation of DHT will reach it’s peak the second day after Finasteride is consumed
* Consuming 0.04mg, DHT will restored after 5 days.
* Consuming 0.2mg-0.5mg, DHT will restored after 7 days.
* Consuming 1.5mg – 5mg, DHT will NOT be restored after 8 days, but asumming the curve will stay linear, it should take about 11-12 days before the DHT in the system will be restored.

Conclusion: It takes about 1-2 weeks for the DHT to be restored in the blood depending on dosage. This does not necessary mean that the DHT have reached full effect in the scalp yet. It might take a couple of more days before it reaches the hairfollicles. It seems logic when reading that hair will start falling off in about a month post treatment.

So how often do I need to take Finasteride?
According to the information we just learned you should be able to take Finasteride each other day or each third day without experiencing any considerable hormonal differences. I would not recommend waiting any longer between because It’s never a good thing when the hormonal balance is abrupted.

That’s it folks, I hope you learned something from reading this, atleast I did!


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Its pretty common. If you're male, there's Propecia (or, if your doc will do it, Proscar, cut into 1/4ths-1/5ths) and/or Rogaine. There's also Avodart, which might work slightly better than propecia.
With the rogaine, some docs also mix it with Retin-A, which is a super-strong topical version of vitamin A. This can cause irriation, but also makes the hair growth results better for some people.
Some guys also get help from Nizoral shampoo, which apparently reduces DHT levels on the scalp or something. It also helps dandruff.

I looked at the ingredients and didn't see

Anything that would promote hair growth to any significant degree. It's probably bogus - like most of the products on the billion dollar market.
The "big 3" for hair growth (the ones with some scientific backing) are: Finasteride (Propecia), minoxidil (Rogaine) and ketoconazole (Nizoral shampoo). Propecia often has sexual side effects.
The itching should wear off as the Rogaine dries. Do you have flaking too?
I found this in a search, although i don't know how true it is:

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