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Andrew Marr smackdown

by Sunny
12th October, 2010 at 8:49 pm

In response to the Andrew Marr comments, I think there is only thing to say:

It’s a curious remark coming from a journalist who used the ‘rumours on the internet’ excuse when asking Gordon Brown if he was popping pills. Marr clearly reads political blogs and even absorbs the rumours. So it’s absurd to turn around and caricature them now.

And that I love drinking and blogging. #longlivewhisky

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Yes... Try It

I used Rogaine before it was approved. I started at age 29. I was definitely going bald and it stopped all my hair loss and grew a really small bit of hair. However, after around two years, the hair loss resumed, I'm assuming at a slower rate than it would have been otherwise. Turning 50, I've finally lost so much that I finally gave it up. I keep my hair shaved close (cut my own)... and at 50, who cares!
So go for it. I've also heard Propecia is good, but you might want to ask how it would affect your hormone levels. Together I've heard they work better than apart... and Rogaine is so cheap now

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